’63 Boycott Six-Lesson Curriculum for Grades 6-12


Two weeks (11 days) of highly adaptable material aligned to the Common Core standards.  Developed with the support of a handful of educators and a curriculum writer hired through our partner Mikva Challenge. Lessons include:

What Makes a School Great?
Students will be able to…

  • Research assets and needs at their own school
  • Identify areas for change
  • Analyze the characteristics and qualities that make a school great
  • Explore different perspectives on school quality and how schools are evaluated

Setting the Context for the 1963 Boycott
Students will be able to…

  • Analyze primary and secondary sources to make sense of history
  • Describe the impact of history on the present day
  • Evaluate the causes and effects of racial segregation policy

Viewing the film
Students will be able to…

  • Relate personal perspectives and experience in schools to themes of the film
  • Summarize people, places, and events of the film

Preserving and Documenting Stories from the Past
Students will be able to…

  • Create historical records of untold stories
  • Explain the importance of oral history and individual stories in telling history
  • Document history by writing a film storyboard and (optional) mini-doc

Connecting the Past to the Present
Students will be able to…

  • Examine the strategies deployed by ordinary people to contest inequality
  • Give a summary of a nonfiction text
  • Conduct a comparative analysis across several social contexts

Using our Voice to bring Change
Students will be able to…

  • Participate in simulation of budgeting process
  • Analyze different stakeholder goals
  • Describe the importance of youth voice in policy making

Guest Speakers in the Classroom

Subjects from the film and the filmmakers are available to be guest speakers in your classroom. This is now easier than ever with remote learning. The heroes in this film are living legends, but they won’t be around forever! Contact us at 63boycott@kartemquin.com to schedule a guest speaker.

Interactive Digital Tools

The curriculum includes information of local archives, online archives, and plenty of ways to get your students to dig into primary source research material.

A complete online gallery of the raw material from the film ‘63 Boycott www.mediaburn.org/63boycott

A collection of never-before-seen footage provides students with the opportunity for meaningful and unique scholarship. Harnessing the power of archival footage, students can make connections across time and space to tell nuanced, fact-based stories that showcase how today’s struggles for social justice build on lived experience and enduring issues.

Chicago Collections Digital Exhibit on ‘63 Boycott, curated by Media Burn

A collaboration between archives, Kartemquin Films, and Media Burn to remix and reuse archival documentary materials to tell new stories.

Watch the film