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Our New Blog Launches!

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Our new blog, ’63 Boycott:  A Living History connects personal stories of participants in the 1963 Chicago Public School Boycott with the controversy surrounding public education today.  The blog will feature:  personal stories of the ’63 Boycott as well as photos and source documents from that era; reports of public education struggles today, especially those surrounding the CPS school closings; and finally, updates from the production of our forthcoming documentary, ’63 Boycott.

The launch of this blog is a major step in realizing the essential goal of our project: to provide a modern perspective of the impact and legacy of the 1963 Boycott.  Part oral history, part news blog, A Living History promises to be an incredible, engaging resource for exploring 50 years of student activism.  Along with our new homepage, A Living History will be active, updated frequently, and live on long after the film is completed.